My New Hobby – Crochet

Hello All,

Now that I am back at my blog I am all excited to share lot of things. When I was away from my blog I initially felt very lonely without it, eventually I learned to live without it. At some point in time I had actually forgotten that I have a blog. But I came back, for the reason that my blog is my way to eternalize(if there is a word like that :-P) my life and the happenings in it. I realized that now a days I tend to forget things very easily and there should be some place where I would like to note down how I felt, or what I did or how I looked at a certain point in time. No I don’t like to dwell in the past much but yes I would like to go back and relive some of the wonderful moments of my life thru my blog.

So here is the post of my new found hobby, Crochet! I learned crochet from my Nani when I was about 8 or 10 years old. Our Nani taught all my girl cousins how to crochet and I was the ugly duckling of them all. I just could not get the hang of it and I kept getting it wrong all the time. My other cousins were flourishing with it and were creating wonders with the yarn and crochet hook while I was busy studying or playing cricket with the gang or cycling full speed down the some steep slopes :-D.


The cute hat!


Eventually all of those cousins got married and till date I have not seen them crocheting and on the contrary I have picked up the hobby from where I left it. Initially I found it difficult, but with some help from you tube and written patterns, I was able to go full swing with it. As usual I went a little over board with the crochet necessities and procured yarn, crochet hooks and eventually 3 full sets of crochet hooks of 12 each! Yes 3 sets of 12 hooks of different sizes. I will flaunt them in some of the posts later.


Pair of socks for the princess’s feet 🙂


Today I am sharing this very cute set of baby clothing made with crochet. I made this for daughter of my dear friend Swapna who is my school mate and we have been friends for almost 2 decades now. Gosh! 20 years that’s a great time. It has a cute beanie hat, a pair of mittens and a pair of socks. The ties are also crocheted and the ends are decorated with flowers made of yarn.


Mittens for the cutie’s hands


I crocheted these with a 3.5 mm crochet hook since I wanted tightly knitted stitches which will keep the baby warm. The yarn is locally purchased, though I must accept that I was not very happy with the quality, I was very happy with the colors which is a combination of baby pink and off white. Do let me know how you liked it. 🙂


The princesses’s gear for the winter!




I am back from my recluse, the renovation project at my home is over but the after effects are still there. Nevertheless a lot of water has passed under the bridge in the last one month. There were some emotionally trying, decisively difficult and some fun times. While all this was happening, my personality has undergone few changes and I am surprising myself with them.

I have mentioned how overtly cautious I am in situations which are not needed. Well, I am happy to inform you(and to know myself too 😛) that I have started facing my fears head on. While I am still to reach the reckless self but I have started taking risks and facing my fears head on. I will not shy away from admitting that at one point of time in my life I was an ostrich and used to bury my head in the sand when I saw problems or difficult situations approaching. I would just wish that they would pass and everything will be back to normal. But what I dint understand is when I buried my head in the sand and did nothing about it, the world around me turned upside down and I used to stare at it thinking how did this happen to me and my world and depression would take over.

This is how it started!
This is how it started!

But now it has dawned on me that burying my head in the sand does not help, if there are problems they need to be resolved, if there are fears they need to be conquered, if not conquered atleast faced once just to check if I can conquer them.  I am trying few things which I thought I would never be able to do and I have done things just to check if I can do them and overcome my fear for it. For a few things, I have succeeded in overcoming my fear completely and end up thinking it wasn’t that bad!

It started off at work place where there are some changes in my roles and responsibilities due to some changes in the organization. Initially I feared thinking how am I going to manage, what when I have to conduct or attend meetings with relatively senior people around, at that precise time, I actually heard myself say let’s just face it! I will fumble, I will fall but I have to face problems, situations, acquisitions and all that comes my way fearlessly. In such situations I always remember of a forward on social media which says, be like a swan, appear calm and composed on the surface but paddle furiously underneath the water to move forward.

Pen Holder from News Paper

Sometimes I feel that the knowledge of the fact that you are on your own gives us a different sort of courage. As humans we sometimes tend to blame other people and situations for something going wrong, but when we know that the we are on our own, the outcome, good or bad is because of your own action. We try to think the decisions more thoroughly when there is no fall back plan. And still if something goes wrong? Well, it becomes a good learning, doesn’t it?

As a child, I was thoroughly terrified of arts and crafts, the reason for which I have mentioned <here>. So I took up paper crafting and made a greeting card but soon guilt of wasting precious paper got better off me and I decided to do paper crafting with news paper. While I am still responsible for slaughtering trees but the acuteness of the guilt is less. So here is my first newspaper craft, it is basically a pen holder (don’t know if it looks like one), which I made with technique of rolling a news paper and sticking and colouring it. It did not turn out the way I expected but I am happy with it nevertheless!

Nail Art of the month!
Nail Art of the month!

I went for an outing with my colleagues to a resort which had adventure activities. It was a fun filled trip and there was another thing I tried which I thought until then that I would never try. I did rappelling there(don’t know if the spelling is correct), it basically involved climbing down the wall or a steep surface. I am absolutely terrified of heights and for me it was something which required lot of courage. After listening intently to the instructor and seeing my other colleagues do it, I finally decided that I will give it a shot since the instructor said that even if I left both my hand I will never fall down and so I did it! I am far from saying that I have overcome my fear for heights but I feel I will after two or three more attempts.

I did another absolutely brave thing about which I was sceptical from a very long time. There were so many doubts and ifs & buts about that thing but I finally decided to do it. It was just to break a mental block. I will keep that thing and the outcome to myself but I tried nevertheless!

I also did a nail art with stamping plates one of my friends gave me, so all in all I did lot of things and feel accomplished for a past few days. And also did something I have fallen in love with lately – blogging – again! 🙂

Handmade Greeting and Embossed Painting

Off late I am hooked to Pintrest and hooked real bad. I feel that a Pandora’s Box has opened in front of me and don’t know what to do with it! There are so many things that can be done especially paper art. Let me explain why this is all so fascinating. Firstly, with great reluctance, I must tell you that arts and crafts or any thing other than academics was considered absolutely useless and unnecessary. The arts and crafts which was mandatory in academics was considered tedious and was finished as soon as possible and so it became my mind set too and art and craft became something which needed too much effort.

Made by me!
Made by me!

Secondly, when I was old enough to start once again with arts namely drawing and other things, it was never appreciated let alone encouraged. So I immersed myself in studies and excelled at academics. Give me a math or accounting problem and I will solve it at the blink of an eye but I still, till this very date dread drawing a line without a ruler. 😦

Thirdly, now I can buy art and craft material without having to ask permission from anybody and in any quantities. So I bought almost 10 sheets of various colours of chart papers. A stencil of various shapes, some studs and also few acrylic colours and I am really happy about it!

Inside of the Card
Inside of the Card

Nevertheless, I have caught up, better late than never at crafts. My first try at paper art may be worse than a first grader but I am glad I started somewhere and I am loving every moment of it. My mind is suddenly filled with so many ideas and I am trying to find innovative ideas to do the things with more accuracy and finesse. My mind now feels like a dark room which is now suddenly filled with the sunshine and has become artfully fertile.

All the credit goes to one of my friend who introduced me to Pintrest and to Pintrest itself! Thank you Pintrest for waking up the child inside me, I am eternally grateful.

It is still not complete, have done this before this is the second one.
It is still not complete, have done this before this is the second one.

Meanwhile, I am also perusing my hobby of Embossed Paintings about which I have mentioned here, here and here.