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Ever since the time I have started blogging some realizations have struck me harder than expected. I expected some surprises with myself but I must admit they are much more than expected. To begin with, I have become more aware of what I think and what is going on in my mind precisely at that point of time. I start typing furiously on any device which is capable of capturing my thoughts :-). I live in fear of missing to jot down how I feel and what I feel and what I want to say, before the thought deserts my mind.

Our mind works in a strange way, when let loose; it drifts away to destinations sometimes known and many a times unknown. But with blogging I now know in which direction it is drifting. I sometimes even succeed to bring back my mind when it starts to drift in the direction which is not very safe ;-). The base line for channelling is actually awareness; to be aware that we have something in excess in itself is an important enough awareness.

I must admit that my thoughts are pretty much scattered and it is a fresh realization that has hit me hard after I started blogging. It is a bit difficult to write what I feel and the choice of words is even more difficult than the thought. I doubt sometimes if the readers are able to relate to what I am writing or are able to visualize what I am trying to convey. Do I wander away from the topic that I am writing about? There are lot of such questions which are crashing like waves on shores of my mind, freshly each time.

Taken on way to Manali from Haridwar
Taken on way to Manali from Haridwar

Also when I start writing on a topic, I generally do not read blogs or content on same topic. With all due respect to fellow bloggers and content writers, I feel that my thoughts will be influenced with the things that I read and my content is bound to change. It might awaken an awareness of missing a point of view that does exist but it also has a danger of writing and thinking thru someone else’s mind. So I generally read about the topic after I publish my post.

All in all, I love the blogging experience. It helps me channel the flood of thoughts and feelings that I have. The flood gates of my mind and soul have suddenly opened and the thoughts, feelings and experiences are gushing out and the blog is acting like a channel carefully taking if forward without spilling it outside the channel. The flooding is also helping me clear my mind of some excess water that has been there for a long time and was making it feel burdened. Now there is enough place for fresh water of rain of thoughts, feelings and experiences in the mind and soul!

The blog gives me a unique sense of liberty of expressing myself. Conversing does let us put forth our views but not like writing. Although I am writing a blog in my own name for some strange reason there is always a tad bit of awareness that lot of known folks are reading my blog and I tend to write a bit cautiously, but that does not stop me from expressing freely. Writing blog anonymously is like murdering someone for pleasure with only God and you knowing about it **smiling mischievously**. My language is not perfect; Grammar Nazis might shoot me at point blank range after reading my blog and the grammatical mistakes in it :-D. I enjoy writing nevertheless and I am so glad to have decided to start!