The Warmth and The Cold


I have always wondered how the people who stay in Polar Regions feel about the warmth and the tropical climate. Do they despise it, do they envy it, do they long for it, or are they just blissfully unaware of how the warmth may feel? I guess they must be aware about how the warmth may feel, how beautiful the bloomed flowers and the sweet fruits may smell, how beautifully the birds may sing and the warmth of the tropical sunshine may feel.

Let’s take for example someone who has been forever been in tropical regions and is unaware of a place like Polar Regions. Let us say the person’s name is W. So W has been in tropical regions all the while where it enjoys the sunshine, the rains and the mildly pleasant winters as well. W is used to seeing the dense green forests, hearing the chirping of the birds every morning, the sweet taste of the fruits the trees bear and the sight of the radiantly colourful flowers.

W was gradually being pushed to the colder regions from the tropical regions without it realizing so. While W was unaware that the path it has taken is leading it to the cold, there was another someone named C, who belonged to the colder regions but had once been to the tropical regions. So, W was on its way to the Polar Regions but the change was so gradual that W was actually enjoying the journey from warmth to the cold.

The picture changed but very slowly for W to not realize where it was heading as it was going in that direction for the first time as against C. Eventually W reached the Polar Regions and since it was a complete change in scenery it actually enjoyed the change. The snow, however cold it was, looked beautiful and gleaming and W was soon lost in the beauty of it. Incidentally W reached the Polar region when they were enjoying the best of weather there and so W assumed that the weather remains such for the entire time.

W was enjoying the cool as against the constant warmth of the tropic; the seclusion from the world was playing to the advantage of its mental health. Time and tide waits for none and so the weather of the tropic started going towards the winters. W soon realized that the days are getting shorter only to realize that there will be darkness half year round in this part of the world which it had never seen. Finally W gave in to the cold winter only to realize how beautiful the part of the world in which it lived was.

W learned a lesson the hard way that we may not be entirely happy with our own world, there are other parts of the world where someone else was is in darkness for what may seem like infinity and went back to the warmth.

On the other side there is C which primarily belonged to the Polar Region. C had been leading a life braving extreme weathers all thru and it was used to harshest of the weathers. C had once crossed over to the greener side by the way of luck. C initially refused to accept that there can be some place on earth with such abundance and its mind just could not digest the beautiful colours, the sweet smelling flowers and fruits and the ever chirping birds. All this seems superficial to C who was used to seeing the beautiful but cold snow which had its own colours and the darkness that engulfed their world for half of the year. C enjoyed the tropical forests but always thought of it as superficial and lived in awe and amazement.

C was pushed back to the Polar Regions from the tropical regions suddenly one fine day during its first visit to the tropical forests. C returned to its original world and continued to brave the harsh weather and live a content life. C also enjoyed the comparatively pleasant weather but never took it for granted. Struggle was taken as a part and parcel of life and seldom was complained about.

Unlike the first time, when C went to the tropics incidentally, it voluntarily walked over to the tropics this time to enjoy the greenery, fruits and flowers. C had its doubts about the tropics being superficial and untrue but was tempted to walk over to the other side nevertheless. Initially, C was welcomed into the tropics and enjoyed the sunshine, the warmth and the flora with thinned down inhibitions deep down in its mind. The flowers looked brighter and the fruits smelled and tasted sweeter this time around. C started depending too much on the tropics to provide whatever it wished and the dependence grew by the day since the tropic was able to provide most of the things C wished for. The greenery and the abundance had started blinding C and the memories of the struggle back in the pole starting wearing out. The nagging doubt of the tropics being superficial watered down to the thinnest this time but remained. C decided to enjoy the weather and the flowers and fruits till it lasted.

Little did C know that the end to this was coming sooner than expected. Soon C was made aware by itself that the warmth was not for it and it had to return to the harsh winters of the pole. The easy prosperity was not something that was made for C and it had to fight for its own survival. As against the first time, C had formed and built a world full of expectations around the tropics which was exactly opposite to the life at the Polar Regions. The Polar Regions with the extreme weather made C value even the minutest things which it took for granted in the Tropical regions. The world of the expectations shattered and C was pushed back to the Polar Regions with a jerk.

While in the Polar Regions, W learned that we should count our blessings, C learned not to build a world of expectations on external factors and that one should build a world by itself with its own struggle while in the Tropical Regions. Life will teach us such lessons when we cross over to the other part of the world, the point is to not take anything for granted and to not but expectations on easy things. Some people are built to live in the abundance of tropics while others are built to struggle for their existence!