Starter, C1, C2 and Mala

***** Bakwaas alert – The post is best quality bakwaas so read at your own risk!*****

It so happened one day that all four of them after filling their stomachs with lunches were chatting away to glory. The naming ceremony began and C1, C2 and Mala started racking their brains for names for X. Starter being the starter started up the thinking process late.

Finally when we had come up with a code name for X, we accidently named C2 initially as C. Mala was the one who was named the last since Mala was busy using her brain (the only one having good quality brain in the lot) figuring out names for people. So mala named C2 as C1 and C1 as C2 initially.

Now C1 and then C2 pointed that she would take on the designation of C1 since C2’s real name is close to C2 than C1. C1 was then renamed C1 from C2 and C2 was renamed C2 from C1. Starter was lost during the entire conversation and had to be reminded that her name was starter, C2 has been renamed C1 and C1 and been renamed C2 and X was named something.

Before we reached our respective destinations and we were done, Starter along with C1 and C2 realized that Mala wasn’t renamed. Their creatively challenged selves could come up with only Mala (such a pity!). Mala looked happy with the name and she carried on.

The naming ceremony took almost an hour and everyone looks happy with the creative names given by Mala!

Such is life dearies…..


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