The Child in Me

Few days ago, I came across a picture shared on a social media messaging application about how the innocent child in us does not understand ego, hatred, hurt and is always wanting to connect back to people who are not in touch. The child in us does not understand complex emotions, it just understand simple emotions like love, care, laughter and simple things like “I want” or “I don’t want”.

Another thing which is worth admiring about any child whether by age or the one in us is that the child’s mind is a blank slate which fills during the day and turns blank after some interval. Every day is a new day for them. They trust and love others equally after the slate is blank. How many of us as adults start with a blank slate about a person or a situation every single day? No, it is not practically possible for us to have a blank slate each single day. We hold on to past incidents and experiences and alter our behaviour accordingly. And that is how we become adults!

This is how the child in us looks. (The source of the image is unknown)

As adults, we also care too much about what others will think and say if we do or say something. It’s not that I do not believe in adhering to the decorum of the situation of the environment, but sometimes even with people I am comfortable like friends or family I hesitate to say things or laugh on certain things just because I am suppose to behave like adults.

Here is a list of things that the child in wants to do but won’t do because of the adult that I am:

· The child in me always to have a blank slate at the start of every single day, but the adult in me finds a way to not erase the scribbling of the previous day!
· The child in me wants to run helter skelter in all directions without the fear of falling or running into dead ends or about having enough resources but the developed adult brains thinks about fears, the limited resources and the other responsibilities.
· The child in me wants to see only good in the people around but the adult in me does not help but notice the not so good things about people.
· The child in me wants to help people selflessly but the adult in me calculates what the person has done for me and then decides if the help is worth it. (There are still some exceptions to this rule tough!)
· When someone hurts me with some unpleasant words or actions, the child in me wants to forgive the person unconditionally but the adult in me weighs my expectations to the extent of fulfilment and then decides whether to hold on to the hurt or to let it go and when should I get back to my blank slate(which may not be completely blank after all).
· The child in me just wants to hug the other person tightly and say let the bygones be bygones but as an adult I have to adhere to the social standards and stick to the imaginary lines drawn everywhere.
· The child in me still like to see some sillycartoon series and enjoy it thoroughly but the adult in me fears to do so and especially to mention it somewhere for the fear of being teased.
· The child in me wants to talk and discuss things without any boundaries and inhibitions but the adult know the rules and regulations to which extent what can be discussed with whom and when.
The list is endless but the I guess I will still have to keep the child in me in a check and let the adult take decisions and lead the life to an apparently sensible direction!


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