Harishchandra Gad Trek – Day 2


7th February 2016

Read about Day 1 here.

The most difficult situation of the trek started after this point. To begin with, I feel cold a tad bit easily than others, I am sort of used to the office air conditioners but low temperature is something that I cannot sustain for long and this time I was totally unequipped for the freezing temperature. I had carried just a thin bed sheet and a jacket in the name of warm clothing and did not feel the chill till I was back in the tent. My toes were ice cold, the shivering did not stop and I kept tossing and turning in my place ensuring that Manasi was not disturbed. Since I knew this was my weakness, I thought better off than to disturb the gang who appeared to be sleeping soundly.

Other end of Kokan Kada

Finally after two hours of this physical torture, I heard Sumit, Neel and Deepak’s voice from the adjacent tent and was silently thanking God for answering my prayers. I called out to them and requested pleaded them to start the camp fire again if they wanted to see me alive 😛 . So they started the camp fire and it actually fuelled life in me! I could not dare to go back to the tent and Deepak and Sumit kept coming back with more and more fire wood to keep me and themselves alive. I was feeling a little less guilty for waking them up at the odd hours because they were also suffering from the same trauma that I was.

Morning Breakfast

When people from other tents saw a roaring camp fire steadily the population around our camp fire was growing wit variety of topics being discussed from politics, to everybody’s personal experience and feeling of the chill. If I had to list the top ten longest nights of my life, this one will make it to the top five without a doubt. Shailendra, Yashika, Narendra, Neel and Manasi were sleeping blissfully and I envied them to no end. We were scheduled to go to Taramati Point the coming morning but all the plans looked bleak with the lack of sleep.

Neel and Yashika admiring the cute calf

Finally with the sunrise and growing exhaustion I fell asleep at around 7 only to be woken up by the loud banter of a group who was enjoying our campfire. The Day 2 had begun!

Ready to camp out

After a fun filled day and a difficult night (for me), day 2 started on a good note. Inspite of sleeping barely an hour in the last 24 hours and an exhausting trek, I was surprisingly feeling fresh and light. Shailendra, Yashika, Deepak and Narendra went for the Taramati point trek which I had inclination but no strength. After freshening up and breakfast, myself, Sumit, Manasi and Neel decided to walk along Kokan Kada by the time the other gang came back from Taramati point trek.

Sumit, Bhaskar and Shailendra

The entire stretch along the cliff was deserted when we were walking and there was serenity all over the place. Had time permitted I would have sat there for hours admiring the beauty of the mountain ranges. For some strange reason, I had suddenly gone very quiet and was always falling short of words in conversations. My mind had cleared itself and it felt that all the haze in the mind has suddenly lifted and everything is crystal clear. The natural beauty of the mountains and the peace and quiet had dissolved all the knots in the mind and heart. It was as if the mind and the soul had been sparkled cleaned by the magic of the mountains. I just could not get enough of the beautiful sight that was in front of my eyes!

Gang at Kokan Kada before parting

After we wound up our camp, we settled the dues with Bhaskar who had arranged for the stay and food. We clicked some parting photographs with Bhaskar and one more round of photographs were done at Kokan Kada and started our journey back and visited few caves which are sprinkled on the fort. We again had a short snack break after half an hour of fruits and biscuits.

Our home on Harishchandra Gad

Whoever thinks that the downward trek is a bit easier than the uphill trek is mistaken. Trekking downhill is as tricky as trekking uphill. I had my apprehensions about balancing myself with my bag which proved to be true. As during uphill trek, Neel and Yashika were leading the gang and I was being teased about being comparatively quiet (reason mentioned above) and how I did not look good when I was not talking.

Manasi and Me


There were few incidents while coming down, we missed our steps here and there but thankfully no one was hurt seriously. We reached base village around 1 pm and clicked the ‘after trek’ snaps and started on our way back. We had a late lunch at a small restaurant and hit the road to reach at around 8 pm.

Gang climbing downhill

There were many things that I learned during the trek about myself and in general. The company was great and the food amazing. I also nick named myself Alladin and my bag as “Alladin ka chirag”(genie lamp) since almost whatever the gang wanted was there in my bag. They just had to ask! So much so that they heard a song from somewhere far away and wished to hear the song and that song was in my mobile’s play list too 😀 .

The rays


For once I was not developing any kind of philosophical thoughts while looking at the sunset. Generally, I become extremely sad or philosophical while seeing a sunset in leisure. But this time, it was like a renovating the mind and soul which felt new and clear after the trek. We had been away from our routines for barely 36 hours but it felt as if we were away from the world for a very long time and the routines seemed to be a distant reality.


All in all it was a very unique and amazing experience and will be remembered and cherished for a long time to come!


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