The Challenge – Accepted

I had written about the challenge day before yesterday and yesterday was the day that I accepted the challenge and started working on it. But magically the problem I faced got resolved almost themselves without me having to actually battle them out.

Slowly but steadily I have started believing in the law of attraction. I started working towards creating the path and the path automatically paved itself and there I was walking on it. The fact that the path had been paved gave me a different kind of positivity to face the problems that came along the way. Yes, there were problems lot of them but finally I managed to get thru them with the help of my team.

There was another very good thing that happened yesterday. A little background before that. I started my career from ground level and I have slogged my way up the success ladder with almost no personal favours from anyone at all. At initial stages of my career I have worked for 12-16 hours a day without uttering a single word of complaint. I was always ready to learn and always wanted to do things in a better way and was always eager to learn new things. So I learnt almost every aspect of the application, functionally and technically, that I was working on and enjoyed every moment of it. But in all this, people management and management in general was always on the back burner because all those responsibilities were taken care by my manager.

However, in the current organization people and team management is what I have learned and in a hard way. Let me tell you, a functional issue in an application is much easier to handle than difficult people even in easy situations. A techie can understand this very well. So after I was promoted I became the manager and there I was looking at 100 things staring at me straight in the face with devilish grins. So I went for them head on and straightened out lot of things which I always wanted to. To be honest, the initial period was extremely difficult since it took some time for people around to digest that I have become the manager and my decisions were not easily digested by others even if they were as easily digestible as water.

With all the resistances from all around I have sailed in sometimes rough and sometimes calm waters. Now there is acceptance that I am the manager, that my decisions are in favour of the organization and ethical. Just a day back, during evening snacks we were having a good laugh at how we have now degraded ourselves to manager from consultants and developers. How we are not able to resolve ground level issues but are able to manage multiple things at a time and the way were are getting close to management than technology.

Yesterday, we encountered an issue in a process for which team was trying really hard to resolve since we were on a tight deadline. They went for a break and I decided to deep dive into it and to my utter surprise my instincts took over and I was able to able to identify and actually help the concerned department to solve the issue. The feeling of accomplishment was amazing. Only a techie can understand how it feels to resolve an issue on the ground level after becoming a manager.

There were actually zillion other things that I was working on but I would anytime prefer being fully occupied like this than having to wile away time. I feel so busy, important and useful 😀 . This accomplishment makes me forget everything else for a while which is a good feeling.

All in all I liked that way the day was spent!


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