Coorg Holiday – Day 7, 8 and 9 – Ooty & Coonoor

Read about Goa, Murdeshwar & Coorg

15th December 2015

We left from Coorg at 6 am in the morning to reach Ooty around 2.30 PM in the afternoon. We took the road from Kushal Nagar – Mysuru – Bandipur National Park – Ooty. We reached the main square and were immediately received by an agent for rooms. We saw 2 or 3 cottages and finalized the second one.

At Ooty Station


The cottage was near The Eye Foundation Hospital and was in a quiet locality. Little about the cottage and the owner. The cottage was in a decent condition and the owner an extremely smooth talker. It had 4 bedrooms, a skimpily equipped kitchen, a huge drawing room which was filled with furniture and mattress which was meant for some other cottage of the owner.

The History

3 out of the 4 bedrooms in the cottage had televisions, the bathrooms had attached water heaters but were strictly ok as far as cleanliness is concerned. The owner promised us to vacate the drawing room the next morning but that never happened. Since the kitchen had some basic utensils the gang decided to cook and so we went shopping for groceries in the chilled weather of Ooty. The gang decided on a simple menu of rice and daal and enjoyed shopping thoroughly. The shopkeeper could not understand half of the things that we were asking for and he actually let one of us inside his shop to pick up things. Bless him!

The famous Tea Gardens


Everybody was happy with the excitement of cooking outside of home and had a nice dinner and slept blissfully for the night. The agenda of the next day was to take a ride to Coonoor in the historic toy train of the Nilgiris. The gang had also picked up bread and eggs for the next day breakfast and with much excitement made breakfast and got ready for the ride. We reached quiet early since there is always a long que for the train which is much popular all over. The wait paid off and we sat comfortably in the train enjoying the journey till Coonoor.

Sim’s Park Coonoor

Our ride was waiting for us at Coonoor station and off we went to Sim’s Park. We had lunch in a near by restaurant and then went to Dolphin’s nose and Lamb’s rock. We were back to the cottage by late evening and the gang again decided to cook dinner at home. The menu for the day was daal and rice again. Everybody enjoyed the dinner and slept blissfully in the chill on the weather.

The beautiful Nilgiris

The plan for the next day was to explore Ooty. We started off with Ooty lake had a nice boat ride for around 40 minutes and were feeling refreshed. The gang also enjoyed a train ride again at the lake. After having light refreshments we proceeded for the Ooty Botanical Garden which seemed a bit repetitive after Sim’s park. Personally I like Sim’s Park more than Ooty Botanical Garden, Sim’s park seems more natural and at home than the Botanical Gardens.

Gang at Tea Gardens

After lunch, the next stop was Dodabetta Peak. We reached there at around 4 PM and there wasn’t much crowd there. The gang sat quietly looking at the valley looking at the sunset. The visit to Dodabetta is incomplete without having an icecream there and we completed it by doing just that. It was decided that the dinner would be chicken curry and rice and so the gang attacked Ooty from all sides to find chicken. Every body was running in all direction to find a chicken shop which everybody said was “just round the corner”. With the minimum available resources the chicken was cooked and everyone feasted on it.

Gang on boat ride at Ooty Lake

All in all Ooty and Coonoor was an enjoyable experience.

View from Dodabetta

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