Off Site.. Off Site…

Hello there! I am extremely happy from the past 3 days and the reason is simple, the offsite which I have mentioned <here>. It was fabulous and we all came back with so many fond memories that they will be cherished forever and will be talked about for a very long time. The venue was Ras Resort in Silvassa which is a very famous weekend destination for both Maharashtra and Gujarat state.

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The organizing committee did a wonderful job and the event was so smooth that we absolutely glided thru it. We started a little after 7 am on Saturday i.e. 16th January from office which was 45 minutes behind schedule and is also considered a record, keeping in mind the delays in the last few picnics that were arranged. We were all dressed up in same t-shirts which company had arranged for and it gave a different spirit altogether. The bus  in which we travelled was extremely comfortable and new entrants at each pick up points were welcomed with loud cheers and claps.

The entire crowd was brimming with enthusiasm and India’s most favourite travel game started. No prizes for guessing it was antakshari and as usual one team was cheating and ending all songs on the same word and unfortunately we were on the other side. But humne haar nahi maani(we did not accept defeat) and we sang songs every time the letter came up. The favourite one in this trip was a Marathi song which goes like “Hath naka laou majhya sadi la”, which literally means do not touch my saree which was like a suffix for all songs of the other team! 😀

The presentation!

We were all so busy and involved in the antakshari that the driver took a detour and we were delayed by an hour. Finally we reached the venue and we were greeted by our Team Co-ordinator which we had hired. We were segregated in 3 teams and the first activity was to think of a name as insulting as possible for other team. When the team names were decided and announced it came out something like this: Silvassa Chindis, Sluggish Worms & Kele ke Chilke. The teams were then informed that they were to retain the names for themselves and to think of a slogan matching to it. I was in team “Sluggish Worms” and our slogan was “Slow and steady wins the race”. We also did a train like worm thing and everybody loved it.

We were then redirected to a small banquet were there was a presentation from our senior management and we thank the delay since the presentation had to be cut short because of it. The organizing committee had shot some videos of the team members and it was out together brilliantly by of our colleagues. We were literally falling off ours chairs when the video was played. There were underlined jokes about all teams and few sentences said randomly were placed strategically which made is hilarious. Hats off to Deepak for this!


The presentation was followed by delicious lunch. The food was excellent and I mean every word of it. The lunch was arranged separately for us and the seating arrangements too were excellent. After lunch we were allowed a rest time of an hour which was welcomed by all. So myself, SR & RS were in a room. NS, RM & R from here was in another room and RC & NK were in the third room. Now let me tell give you a small background, me, SR & RS are a dangerous combination, more so for others. RS is out punching bag and we do not, in any case, miss any opportunity to harass her. SR and I slept soundly treating RS like our favourite teddy bear which were sharing and also complained later that she was breathing too loudly and how the movement caused by her breathing caused discomfort to us.

R(from here) being her crazy self with SR, RS & Me 🙂

We were back to the grounds after the rest and some yummy refreshments. Three team activities followed the break, we won hands down in the third won and it also helped us win the entire series and guess who the captain of the team in that activity was! Yes ladies and gentlemen it was yours only (no claps please!). The excitement zoomed many folds because the Hawaiian theme party was next to come. We ran back to our rooms, got reach and reached the lawns where the party was arranged.

Team Activity

I am still unaware what happened to our girl gang, we hit the dance floor right away and danced away to glory literally! R was in extremely high spirits(literally and figuratively) and SR was dancing in her sophisticated style and we named her “Maya Sarabhai” without any delay. The moment we left the dance floor to rehydrate ourselves and heard a good song (there were hardly any songs which we felt were not good), we ran to the dance floor with dying emergency so as to not miss dancing on that song. Like good dance citizens we did signature steps of almost all songs **wide grin** and seldom left the dance floor. The DJ did an awesome job and we all agreed that we have not come across such a good DJ in a very long time. He understood the taste of the crowd, the transition of the songs was smooth and was a perfect mix of new and old remixed songs.

The Girl Gang!

We had planned a nice after party in the room but were so exhausted by the end of the day that we ended up taking about our favourite crushes and hits and misses with guys in our life. It was a very entertaining and informative session 😀 .We slept at around half past one and were supposed to report at grounds by 10 am. I woke up at 7 harassed my roomies and went back to sleep only to wake up half an hour later and harass them again to wake up. I went back to being comfortable in the bed once I had ensured that they both were up and running 😉 . Another team activity followed which ended not on a very good note since one of our colleagues went into a state of breathlessness and had to be taken to the hospital. We was ok after sometime but we all were worried a bit and the everything was a bit subdued after that.

No one stayed back!

We received a small memento as a symbol of appreciation and it was followed by a delicious lunch. We finally packed took some team photos and left from the resort. The return journey witnessed another very popular game : dumb charades and this time we took upon ourselves to harass the opposition team. The only modification in the game was that instead of searching our memories for the toughest possible movie name everybody took up to Google and found out some nice and challenging names only to realise that both teams were referring to the same website for movie names(so much for originality!).We thoroughly enjoyed the game by shouting slogans like “Bharat Mata ki Jai”, “Inqualab Zindabad”, “Jai Hind” and “Simon Go Back” when the other team was guessing. One of our favourite was the jingle of Nirma Soaps which we sang as and when we pleased.

My Hawaiian Look!

We all were on such a high and thoroughly enjoyed. All girls collectively agreed that we had never danced so much in our entire lives and we had completely let ourselves loose of the day of the party. All in all we had a very good time and enjoyed ourselves to core!


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