Weather Update

The update is that I am feeling a bit under the weather. I am hit by terrible cold and throat infection out of which the throat infection has bowed out gracefully and the cold has stayed to haunt me. Work has been a bit crazy in this week but fun nevertheless. Being busy is far more fun than being idle, being on my toes makes me feel lively and in action.

Another update important is that the BFF with whom there was a misunderstanding is cleared and how! The BFF came to meet me and I launched a full attack with Sarcasm Warfare Technique and soon was rewarded with a white flag from the opposition **evil grin**. After the casualties were accounted for accurately, opposition was called for negotiations and what can be retained. So I very kindly granted the sanity of the opposition which otherwise I would have kept and used to my best possible extent.

With the war peace prevailed and the friendship flourished big time. We are back to our crazy self and have been talking almost nonstop from Wednesday onwards. It took some time to clear the back log of the updates which were not given because of the cold war before the Sarcasm attack was launched. The update took some time and then the giggle and laughter fits were back. The highest qualities of PJs were exchanged and celebrated.

Discovering and having a friend with same mental disabilities as yours is priceless. Really!

Dear Friend Mentioned Above,

I am blessed to have you in my life and I thoroughly enjoy the insanity we share. Thank you!

Another update is that our organization has planned an off-site for our department which is on this Saturday and we are all so looking forward to it. A Hawaiian Theme party is planned on Saturday evening and we are all gearing up for it with super enthusiasm. Props are procured, outfits finalized but I am unable to find a footwear matching with the dress :-(. The upside is that there is one more day and I will try and find it :-).



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