Stepathlon – Day 12

Recently I happened to read somewhere that once we cross 30 we become more aware about our fitness. So since I cross 30 this year I have become fitness concious if not a freak. So as a part of this frenzy I, along with my team have participated in a competition names “Stepathlon” which is basically a 100 days challenge of walking maximum number of steps.

Stepathlon has provided us with 2 pedometers to track our steps and the step count has to be entered on the website at the end of each day. So me along with 4 other team members are trying our best to increase our step count each day. There are many other pros and cons of the competition and the way steps are counted but more about that later.

So I too am trying, not my level best as such, but yes I am trying. I thought what better place to keep a track of my activities than my own sweet blog! I am a bit late to start the tracking on blog because the competition already started on 2nd September, but no matter, better late than never.

So here is today’s count and the walk track.

Screen shot from an App which tracks walk
Screen shot from an App which tracks walk
The Pedometer Count
The Pedometer Count

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