Since most of my entire world is celebrating friendship day today, I too feel like doing a post on a very special and unique friend, whose name I will withhold for obvious reasons. To be honest, I do not believe in celebrating days as such but nevertheless I feel they are needed sometimes to remember someone special like this friend of mine.

When I was in college, one of my friend introduced me to something wonderful and vast i.e. internet! She took great pains to teach me things like website, email address and most important chat rooms. Since PC’s were still a luxury then which we could not afford, we stuck to cyber cafes (and especially to one cyber cafe on whose owner she had a super crush 😀 ). She introduced me to chat rooms and the experience was amazing. I was more sceptical than ever since at that point of time talking to a complete stranger was still kind of out of bounds for me but I braved the chat rooms and found this friend and never did I imagine that our friendship will become so special for me.

For reference purpose let’s call him “Y”. So Y  and I meet in one of the chat rooms, the “ASL” was exchanged and we started chatting in the chat room itself. We gradually moved to messenger but it all began in a chat room where hundreds of people log in and log out, we found each other! Although we had exchanged our names and other details we nick named each other and post that we just could not call each other by our own names!

I remember once, we chatted for almost 3 hours me in cyber cafe and he at his place, the bashing I received from my parents after that is only known to them and me :-D. I am glad to say that we shared a very very special bond something that even we could not understand. I forgot to mention one very minute but important details, we stayed miles apart, he was studying so was I and so there was no chance for us to meet. So we chatted on and on. Internet access was still a luxury and we still had to rely on the cyber cafes and so that chatting sessions were restricted to once or maximum twice a week but we so looked forward to it.  We generally emailed the time to each other in between and decided to come online on messenger on the pre-decided time.

Since I was a teenager then, my outing and other activities were tracked by my parents and if for some reason I could not make it to the cyber cafe Y used to wait endlessly for me. The apology sessions and sweet nothings followed in the next chat. Y graduated before me and started working and by then we both had managed to get cell phones which were unreasonably expensive. So we progressed from messenger to cell phones but just to sms the time to chat on messengers.

When we were not chatting, we were writing the longest emails possible to each other. Long meaning really long, giving every possible detail of each other’s lives. The most beautiful part of it was that it was mutual. We never felt that the other person is less in the friendship than the first.

Eventually I too started working and the work related travelling was frequent. So we both had time and resources to talk and we abused them.. errr figuratively. We used to talk and talk endlessly most of the time till the balances on our prepaid mobiles ran out J . We used to wait for the day to be over and to talk to each other and at times when we had low balances on our mobile phones we turned to world upside down to have the mobiles recharged just so that we could talk to each other. Those were the days!

Then life happened! He got busy with his work and travelled to lots of places and could not talk to me, endless conversations became short hi and hellos and dried out in a couple of months. Below is a small snippet of email I dug out from one of my long lost emails Ids.

A conversation
A conversation

But whatever the case, he was one of my best friends and will always be a special one.

Miss you Y and wish you a very happy friendship day!


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