Switch Off Please!

Off late I am trying to master learn the art of switching off my mind to my surroundings. I believe we have to learn things which don’t naturally come to us and hence the struggle. So this is one of the art that I need to and am struggling to learn. While I can switch off my mind to the surroundings naturally when I am reading a book which has caught my interest (which is very rare considering my philandering mind :-D). I sometimes manage it when in a meeting which refuses to end but I guess this too is natural since the mind is either over loaded with information or just plain tired of listen to the bantering.

While I write this I have just realized that when we switch off our mind, our sensory organs automatically switch themselves off, it’s like a central locking system where mind is the remote control. Once mind is off, rest all will automatically turn off. This is very apparent when we are in a deep mourning over something or emotionally shattered. Our mind is so low on energy that we fail to see, sense, smell and fail to see anything and everything around.

So coming back to the point, I really want to learn to switch off my mind to the surroundings for various reasons. To start with, I commute to office every day in various modes of transport namely auto rikshaw, Mumbai Local Trains, Mumbai Metro and BEST bus depending on my mood and switching off the mind is essential if I wish to survive the 90 minutes of commute. Of late people have become a bit insensitive towards fellow human beings especially while travelling in Mumbai. They talk loudly on the phone about anything and everything on earth, group of friends in the train cracking jokes and shouts of laughter erupting from the rest of the group members. I am not against people having a good time but then a little consideration for the girl who is trying to study or have a last revision before exams or submission of a project. Some other fellow traveller who might have had a tough morning at home with all the duties an Indian Mother is supposed to do  before leaving for work and is trying to have some peaceful moments by just closing her eyes for few moments before resuming her duties at work, so on and so forth. It is really that difficult to speak softly, to not show off how amazing your weekend was as compared to others? May be, may be not! So this is one reason – peace of mind.

Secondly, I have a mind that gets distracted easily, like my mind will be distracted even if I hear a fly sneeze (exaggeration intended). I get distracted by things and sounds and people which are sometimes non-existent for others. My concentration anyways wavers amazingly when my mind refuses to co-operate. So I want to train it in such a way so as it listens to me some timesL.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I think too much, about which I have mentioned <here>. While I am mentally tired my mind rants and rants and rants endlessly and that precise moment I feel that I should have a remote or some sort of device which will silence my mind. I get irritated; my if-then-else loops go on endlessly, if it were a software program the hardware would have crash with its execution. Also, the endless and too much wishful thinking of the mind leads to hopes and wishes which are sometimes unreasonable and leads to the blog posts which have been rolled out earlier :-P.

So all in all I need some switch with which I can turn off my mind. Scientists are you people listening? Do some of you too feel the same?


2 thoughts on “Switch Off Please!

  1. My Era April 12, 2015 / 10:32 pm

    I am in your boat Bhagyashree and I couldn’t help but agree with all the points you’ve mentioned in the post.

    While I have been battling procrastination & over-thinking from a long time, the raised tempers & volume of the people around me have only added to my desire to shut my mind down more often.

    • Bhagyashree Dhoble April 13, 2015 / 10:46 am

      Hello there! Thanks for assuring me I am not the only one who wishes to switch off my mind ;-). And dont even get me started on procrastination.. Lol! Thanks for stopping by!

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