Few days back I happened to read a book titled “KINGDOM OF DREAMS” by Judith McNaught, I picked up this book on instinct and was soon glued to it. A quick preview of the book can be read here


I looked at the book thru my own kaleidoscope and this is what I saw. The story is based in England/Scotland and is of feudal lords and their ways and means to win battles. This is about struggle of an independent, confident and headstrong girl which I believe is bit ahead of her time.

Jennifer Merrick is daughter of a Lord in England who is made outcast for reason that she stands up for herself and has an opinion of her own. Headstrong and confident as she is, she also nestles inside her the dream of a kingdom, her kingdom where people love her and look upto her. She takes pride in herself and will do anything possible to maintain it nevertheless she lets go her pride when it comes to her loved ones. While I was reading the book most of the time my mind drifted to a debate on pride and ego. What may be pride for one may be ego for another also there is a very thin line between both. Certain incidents in the book are dedicated as to how Jennifer Merrick the protagonist of the book struggles to retain her pride. The same incidents in the current world would be definitely termed as ego had the story have happened today.


I am in completely and absolutely in love with the character and the book. I always thought that I cannot read stories bases on times earlier than 1900’s but this book broke this myth of mine and I had and how! This story is about a girl torn between love and pride and all the misunderstandings that arise because of things said and unsaid. It is a perfect example of how we are pulled in 2 different directions when we have two people on either end, one who love us truly and the other of whose love we seek. This conflict is extreme when there are parents on one side and a person whom we love on the other.

The struggle of Jennifer who is devoid of her father’s love being a daughter is worth reading. She is also torn between sweeping love of one of the fiercest man in Scotland, her pride and the approval she seeks from her father which she loses when her step brother defames her for false reasons. Another thing that I loved about this book is the relation that Jennifer and The Wolf share. It is a classic example of how true loves does some inherent changes in us, something deep inside us stirs and we develop feeling so fresh and sometimes so complicated that much to our surprise we were unaware that such a feeling exists. It’s like tasting an exotic fruit with a peculiar taste for the first time and realising that we never thought such a taste exists (happened with me when I tasted Kiwi fruit for the first time).

This is taken somewhere on Manali-Ladakh Highway and is very close to dream home!
This is taken somewhere on Manali-Ladakh Highway and is very close to dream home!

We human beings crave to love someone and being loved back by the same person and to seek recognition from that person. The story revolves around the same thing. Although it’s almost like a fairy tale I still like to believe that it could be real. Each person nurtures his or her own kingdom of dreams inside of them. We all dream of life partners who will love us dearly and of our perfect nest to be built, while our dreams may not materialize to the exact word, but we manage to build our dreams the best way we can.

I too have my own kingdom of dream but we will get to that later. While all of us may not live happily ever after, there is no harm in dreaming, is there?


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