I Love….

Sound that I love:

  • The clicking sound of a parking signal in the car: The sound takes me in a trance when everything is quiet around. Realized this when I parked a car in an almost forest like place.

Smell that I love:

  • Of dry leaves burning : Don’t know why but I absolutely love this smell. Can’t remember how it smells? Most people don’t 😀
  • Azarro Men’s EDT : Because someone used to wear the perfume and I just cannot get it out of my mind. 😛

Sight that I love (apart from lush green valleys) :

  • Wheel caps of cars : Weird isn’t it.. But yes, I love to watch the wheel caps of moving cars. They form different patterns with different speed. Also this can be seen and enjoyed when you are still and the cars are moving. Observe it sometime…

So what are your favourite sounds, smells and sights?

P. S. : S from here just commented that this post is a little childish as compared to my previous posts, while I agree to him, my smart self *smug face* replied to him, “There is a child inside all of us I have just let it out this time”. 😀


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