While the stone was learning to adjust to the waves as mentioned here it learnt that sometimes that the sea water receded and other time it came crashing to the shore. So with its natural instinct to learn the stone learnt that these are called tides.

So on an exceptionally quiet day when there was a low tide, the stone was reflecting on the waves. It observed that the waves with vengeance or with a smooth flow always rushed towards the shore, they went far away at ones but came back again. Whatever the weather, the waves always came to the shore sometimes with a fury so as to hurt the shore and other times like a girl running into the embrace of her beloved and the other time so swiftly like a couple holding both hands of each other and looking into each other’s eyes.

Holding Hands Gently!
Holding Hands Gently!

Each of the time the shore remained there steady, firm and strong to welcome the waves with open arms. The waves brought many things with itself to the shore. Beautiful shells to decorate it, wealth of pearls among others, sometimes in abundance the other times in scarce. The shore however always had its arms open whether the waves got lot of things or nothing.

The stone found this very fascinating indeed! Both the shore and the waves were so much in acceptance of each other that the stone was in awe of them. When the stone reflected back on its journey in the river, it realized that it also had a bank along with it all the time. The stone did see the abundance and the sternness of the banks but that fact that the one of bank was always there at it side sort of made the stone to take it for granted. Only when the stone was alone and was at leisure of looking it from outside of the situation did it realise that how important it is to value the shore in our lives.

Embrassing the Love
Embracing the Love

The shore stood there humble, welcoming but firm and the waves always came back to the shore whether in fury or in love. The waves went away for a while with a promise to come back and the shore stands there with a confidence that the waves will come back and smiles serenely at the beauty of it with a twinkle in its eyes! The shore has eyes only for the waves, the stones, decorations and any other things in the periphery interests him the least. The waves too, irrespective of the wealth they carry from the deep sea always run towards the shore, they offer everything they carry to the shore and take back whatever is not acceptable to it.

The stone then realised that while it had a bank or two of its own, it was always busy gathering knowledge, helping others and building a life for itself. The banks always remained as a constant factor which was ignored from time to time. It saddened the stone to great extent that it has failed to see and realize the support, protection and love the banks offered while the stone was in the river. How the stone wanted to run back to the river and to its bank to express gratitude and to reciprocate the love, protection and caring the banks always gave the stone. But the stone knew that there is no way back and that it has to live with the fact that it failed to see the banks.

Embracing the Love Again and Again!
Embracing the Love Again and Again!

The shores of our lives are the people who love us immensely. Like the stone we sometimes fail to see and recognise their love, support and protection for us and tend to take them for granted at various occasions. Only when we see the love from a third person’s perspective or when we lose a loved one do we realise their value. So be like the waves, and make sure to go back to the loved ones frequently with all the wealth you accumulate, may it be of love or materialistic. The shore may give it back to us, nevertheless offer it selflessly, for that fact that some shores do not stay forever or you grow out on the river banks sometimes!

The Fury Of Love!
The Fury Of Love!

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