That one relationship is with a person who is out of reach but the other does not have the desire to achieve that person. All you want is to be with them. The relation so platonic that it is difficult not to be misunderstood by anyone. There are no expectations for the plain reason that they are fulfilled before they are created.

That one relationship in which the admiration for each other is always expressed in mockery. Laughing and crying together is the best thing the two people can do for each other. Where shoulders are not required to cry on, one look at the other and it’s done! No physical contact is necessary neither it is desired. The other person like a warm sunshine on a cold morning!

That one relationship which has to be let gone when the time comes. For which a silent prayer crosses the lips. Where all you can do is see the person walk off, for it is best for the other person. For it was meant to be!

The two banks of a river.. Forever together but forever apart!
The two banks of a river.. Forever together but forever apart!

That one relationship is not love. There may already be a person in your life who you love dearly. That one relationship also does not encourage you to infidelity, infact it makes no difference to your existing love life, but is special enough to occupy a separate place in your heart. A place which no one else can occupy, a place which is reserved for that one person.

A feeling unparallel, a bond unbreakable, where touch is not required to heal the heart’s wound and words are not required to express feelings. That one relationship is not about breaking monogamy and is over and above the worldly desires. Where the deepest feelings are conveyed just by looking into each other’s eyes.

That one relationship does not have even a hint of possessiveness for each other, for there is a unique trust and confidence in each other. A confidence so unique and absolute that nothing in the world can shake. No jealousy what so ever is felt for each other’s partner. There is complete acceptance for one another with all the things that belong to each other’s world. This confidence also comes with the absence of desire physical or otherwise for each other.

Image Courtesy
Image Courtesy

This one relationship is with a person for whom silent tears roll down the eyes in darkness of the night. For if the tears are seen by others may be misunderstood in the worst possible way. For the world may never understand what the relation is. It is like the moth and the fire, the moth has to be near enough to the fire to be with it but far enough to not burn itself.

That one relationship is one in which two people stand at either ends of the bridge and the distance is bliss and the bliss is the distance. Or like the two banks of a river which always run parallel to each other which are forever together but forever apart!

That one relationship where saying “I Love You” is actually awkward. For the reason that what the two people in it feel for each other is not love, it is something over and above everything else. It is admiration of a different form best known to them both. The funny and tricky part about that one relationship is that it does not have a name neither an identity. How two people feel about each other in that one relationship can be felt and experiences only by them. It complicated yet simple.

This is the one feeling for which I am lost for words but has made an attempt to express it the best way I can. So in my words, it is like standing at the edge of freshly rained on valley hugging yourself with closed eyes, a smile on the face while the cool breeze fills a new life in you!! That one relationship!

Taken somewhere in Ooty in 2009
Taken somewhere in Ooty in 2009

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