That One Person…..

There will always be that one person who will patiently look for a window when you close door to your heart. He will knock softly but never barge in. The one who stands at the door even if there might be a bleak possibility of you opening it.

That one person notices that there is a moat around and builds a bridge which was burned earlier, and that may be the reason it took time for him to reach you while you were thinking that no one actually cares while you suffer. He silently goes around and keep looking for a window untill he finds one. He comes back to the door and starts knocking. His hands are hurt by the constant knocking, but he never gives up. That one person is aware that you are shattered into a million pieces but is ready to hurt his already sore palms while picking up the pieces. The tears in your eyes pain him more than yourself. You kick and wail while he tries to pacify you, but to no avail. He does not fail to notice the scars the door has received when the other person was trying to barge in.

The Bridge!
The Bridge!

Eventually after a million tries by that one person, you open one window. That one person tries to negotiate; he insists on you taking a look at the outside beauty. The suspicious of his intentions arises and you wonder if he will also hurt you the same way the other person did. Finally you relent and open a small window and peep out. That one person looks relieved. He tries to remind you about all the good things around, that you are still alive, that you are still valuable to someone and that you are still beautiful. You doubt every single word that one person says. But you are sure of every word said being true said by the other person! All the nasty things about you, all the allegations, all the things that went wrong everything!! Why is it difficult to believe good things about one while it is extremely easy to fall trap to bad things being said about you?

After some prodding you look out of the window, but for that moment the fragrance from the flowers seems to be missing, the gliding shine of the flowing water is suddenly dull. That one person ensures that you finally open the door despite all this. He takes you by hand and takes you around, while your dull grey self cannot hear a word that one person says, you still float around with him. The void inside you is so absolute that floating comes naturally, the ground below and the sky above do not exist for you at that time. Still he takes you around with a small tug. Finally after some distance, you start smelling the flowers, the music of flowing water reaches your ear and the sun finally shines for you! The ground below and the sky above suddenly appears, your steps become bouncy and you loosen the grip of the person’s hand and suddenly you are ahead of him. You start feeling whole again, the void starts to fill with the new found happiness.

At that very moment, the other person calls you from behind. You stop, the heart beats wildly inside and you turn around again!! That one person insists on not looking back, but you do anyway. You see the then closed now open doors and run back to the recluse. The other person looks down upon you for coming out and smelling the flowers and for starting to live. You start falling apart into pieces one more time and go back to burying your head in your knees, tears welling in your eyes. That one person comes back and starts all over from scratch. You come out after prodding but this time it is easier to smell flowers, to enjoy the cool breeze. This time it is a tad bit easier to feel happy and the void starts to fill faster. That one person wants nothing else in the world than to see you happy, it is apparent in his eyes. You go around the place like a child suddenly let out to play in the park after having been locked in for too long. The delight in your eyes in clear and ample, you bounce with joy, splash water on your face, feel the freshness of the cold clear water and look back at that one person to see his eyes twinkling with joy like yours!

After a while you leave his hand and go ahead on your own, you look back less often only to make sure he is still there, he follows gladly giving you all the freedom. This goes on for pretty long and you sort of forget that that one person was there once. You remember and try and find him, he is sitting somewhere in shade of an enormous tree watching you with content eyes and a smile matching yours. You go on, on your own again only to achieve greater things, get back to the world, smile, laugh, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Finally you are tired and suddenly realized of what you have left back. You run back only to see that one person is half-way the bridge which he had built earlier to reach you. You stand at the beginning of the bridge while he continues to walk, you want him to turn back and he does! He smiles at you and continues to walk. At that precise moment you do not know what exactly to do and so that one person keeps walking. He reaches the end of the bridge and you watch dumb founded……

To be continued…….


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