Once there was a small stone the size of a palm, it was of no particular shape.  When it detached from a large stone, it feel into a river. The river was the most serene river one would ever see, it also had a long standing reputation of having the steadiest flow and a tradition of giving prosperity to those inside and outside it. The stone was simply getting carried away with the river. The stone started flowing swiftly with the river and started developing a shape. Soon the stone faced a violent current and went tumbling with no direction known. The bigger stones stamped and kicked all the smaller stones just for fun. The stone tumbled and struggled to find ground, there came a bigger stone which helped the smaller stone to sail thru the current.

The river assumed its steady flow after a while but the small stone was traumatised, it did not know what wrong it did to go thru this. Why was the small stone at the receiving end of the fury of the bigger stones? At this moment, the bigger stone who helped the small stone said one sentence, “There is always a super power watching over us. Patience!” The small stone then learnt its first lesson, patience and faith. Then the bigger stone also told the small stone to acquire knowledge about the current that flows and to always remember the way it tumbled during the current, so that the small stone will be better prepared for the next time. So the second lesson the small stone learnt that one needs to have knowledge.

Mean while the small stone also noticed some stones smaller than itself and saw that they are going thru the same agony that it once went thru. So the small stone started helping the smaller stones to find correct path for themselves. It started educating the smaller stones about the currents that come and go, about the bigger stones and knowledge about many other things that the small stone had acquired during the journey. At that moment, the small stone realised that while it was sharing its knowledge it was re-living its experiences and gaining new insights on same incidents which it had missed earlier. So here was the third lesson, while we help others we help ourselves too. Experience and sharing enhances our own knowledge and also helps to gain new insights.

All in all, the stone was learning and living a content life. It also enjoyed the prosperity that the river presented to the land along side it. The journey was getting more and more enjoyable by the day. In the journey the stone got along well with other stones, smaller, of the same size and bigger stones as well. Enroute the journey, the stone also meet lot of new stones and enjoyed the experiences they shared. It also learned lot of things from stones on shore and the different lives they lived. It had grown beautiful internally and externally. Other stones started to look upto the small stone for the patience, knowledge and motivation. How the small stone lived and loved every moment of the journey!

Taken in coastal Karnataka in February 2012
Taken in coastal Karnataka in February 2012

After a while, when the stone was much settled in the river which had become its home it realized that it was going thru a different sort of current which was not known to it. The stone with its experience was sure to go thru this current and was prepared to sail thru it too. But the small stone and the other stones were pushed into something enormous. The water body so huge that the stone dint know in which direction to go. Then it heard someone saying that they had come to the sea. The sea? The small stone has never heard about the sea and was feeling like a child lost from its parents in a stampede. The other stones in the sea seemed to have settled down and were enjoying themselves. They seemed to have no particular aim or discipline to their lives. The small stone felt confounded.

The small stone was then banged on to larger stones and was horrified at the speed and the oscillation it was going thru. It heard some other stones saying they were called waves. The waves rocked the stones to and fro with such vigour and fury that no experience and knowledge of the small stone was enough against it. For some time the small stone pleaded silently for all this to stop, but to no avail. It also saw some other fellow stones from the river oscillate back and forth, all helpless and resigned to the waves. The stone lost some of its beauty, its smooth edges were tested to the core and it developed some rough edges around. Again, a bit bigger stone stood by it, heard its pleadings and told the small stone to stand firm.

The small stone then realised that these waves were constant and unstoppable and that it has to learn to sail thru it too. The small stone first took in the enormity of the sea. It realised that it is just another stone in the enormous sea. There were more beautiful stones, more knowledgeable ones and some with more qualities than others(good or bad). The ones who had learned to manipulate the waves had their own safe places and had settled down in the chaos. The stone fumbled at first, it pleaded every now and then for the vigour and fury to stop but soon realised that it is here to stay. So the stone then started learning the pattern of the waves, it started observing the other stones, and without compromising on its values and knowledge it started adapting itself.

So here are a few lessons that the stone learned in the sea:

  • Not everything that goes wrong is against you
  • Small and big waves will rock you upside down but will help you develop some sharp edges
  • Under no circumstances should one compromise on knowledge and values.
  • Going with the tide helps to turn down the struggle
  • Waves small or big are here to stay and they have to be faced.

The stone has learned and is still learning to sail in the sea, it is still hoping and believing that it will have a peaceful and content life some time later J


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