Too Many Cats Kill The Curiosity

I always feel this. When we do something we love we do it out of choice and not out of obligation. The moment it is out of obligation the love for it disappears.

Photography for example. I love taking pictures and I use basic point and shoot camera for taking the photographs. The pictures come out well. They may not be like professional but they usually turn out good. There are ample number of shots that are awful. So after a little introspection I realized that it’s more about the instinct that the materialistic things like camera light and stuff (with all due respect to professional photographers). When I see something the quality of photograph is directly proportional to my liking for the place or thing. I mention place specifically because I am terrible at taking pictures of people.

I have considered buying a DSLR ample number of times, but every time I think of it I end up feeling what if I do not click enough pictures with the camera. And if I don’t I will blame myself endlessly for investing so much money in it. So ultimately it becomes an obligation to click pictures and the love and fun of it reduces.

With the development of a hobby or a liking for something, comes the greed for things related to it. The accumulation starts and it goes to an extent where the feeling of contention or taking it easy vanishes. More than cultivating the hobby, it is about accumulation of things that may or may not be used. The cupboards and shelves are full of such things, the prized possessions are bought and accumulated with a self-promise to use them maximum number of times. But in reality, they all become show pieces in the cupboards and shelves. The feeling of exhaustion comes not by using them but by just looking at them repeatedly. And with the gain of all the things which are not required there is loss of interest and liking towards it.

The exhaustion is so absolute that we tend to shut doors literally and figuratively! So in such situations I generally shut the doors, windows of my mind to the hobby.

I am writing about because I have done the very thing I hate to do. I have accumulated!! Yes… I love doing emboss painting. I get the ready to paint kits and do the paintings for a hobby. For one, when I am doing it, I can just shut myself out from everything that’s happening around. I spend hours doing it and feel content after seeing my creation. Ah, the joy of watching of our own creation is unparallel.

The place from where I get these kits is about an hour and a half commute from my residence and so I generally get 2 or 3 kits at a time. This time the greed got better off me and I got 7 kits at a time 😦 and now somehow I have completely lost interest in doing it. Moreover I am getting irritated just by looking at it. I got started on one of it but just gave up after an hour. The colouring kept going from bad to worst. Probably I just have to keep them aside for few days and get back to it later, but I do not have the liberty to do it because I have committed someone that I will have it done and gifted in another 3 days time.

So I have concluded that less is more!

Here are few emboss paintings that I have done. For folks who are not aware of the thing I have attached the before and after of one of the paintings. Rest are the finished products.

Embossed Painting Doll Design
Embossed Painting Doll Design
Pigeon Couple, this painting is framed.

PS : Please forgive the bad editing, I am trying my best to improve on it!


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