I have a thing for valleys. As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, a holiday for me is incomplete without going to a hill station. I love looking down the valley from a hill top. It has an amazing calming effect on me and I feel relaxed and content. I love the beaches too but I am not much of a beach person. Beaches and sea takes me into introspective mode, makes me feel lonelier and my mind fills up with random thoughts. I generally end up feeling depressed and miserable.

The sole purpose of this post is to explore and truly understand my feelings when I am travelling to different destinations. So to truly understand how I feel on the particular holiday destinations, I short listed 5 broad holiday destinations and noted the first word that came to my mind.

  • Hill stations & Valleys : Love.. love and love
  • Snow clad hill stations : Love, awe and enjoyment
  • Beaches : Lovely but depressing
  • Desserts : Neutral (Fresh realization – surprised myself too with this word!)
  • Historical – with palaces and museums : Utterly boring 😦
Taken in March 2010 One of my Favourite!
Taken in March 2010 One of my Favourite!

I am truly, madly and irrevocably in love with hill stations and valleys. The twins Ooty and Connor are one of my favourite. I have travelled only in India and so all references are of places in India. The 2nd in list is Coorg. The place is amazing and the time I visited Coorg, locals told me that they had not seen Sun for almost 6 months. The place reminded me of Forks mentioned in Twilight Series books. The trees resembled the description mentioned in the series and not to mention I loved every living moment there. Mother Nature is extremely generous and amazingly beautiful.  It’s the same beauty that I am in love with and the love never fades. When I say valleys, I mean lush green valleys, with flowing water, singing birds and a pleasant atmosphere. That the sole reason Ooty-Connor and Coorg are on top of my list. Leh-Ladakh and the Manali Leh highway has ample number of valleys. The rock formations are natural wonders but I cannot imagine a holiday there. The journey is amazing… but holiday.. nah!!

The thing I generally do when on a hill station is wear the most comfortable clothes, have a chair dragged near the window or sit-out, hug myself and keep looking at the valley. Regular doses of hot tea are like icing on cake for me. My mind and body magically calms down and it clears my head like nothing else does. Its like I am on a high with it. I am a very talkative person but the above mentioned “position” will send me in hours of silence and silos. I get disconnected from the world and cannot remember a thing about my job, my family, my friends nothing at all. Minutes turn into hours and hours into days. Not sure if such kind of disconnection is good or bad but it comes naturally to me then. I can just be! Apart from looking out of the window, I love to curl up in the bed with a comforter and a good book. But but but, I have to take a look at the valley at regular intervals just to make sure it has not abandoned me(As if it is just going run away if I don’t keep a watch :P) I do not need anything else in the world when I am looking out of the window. I travelled a lot for work to exotic destinations in India and had this opportunity ample number of times.

So why do I love valleys and love looking down at them from a hilltop? Firstly, I feel it is the perfect combination of the opposites – a hilltop and a valley. Looking thru the depth to the bottom of the valley makes me feel that I am looking at the bottom of my soul thru the depth of my heart. The void fills my heart. The passing by clouds are like the phases of my life which come and go. The clouds passing by are like the good and bad moments, they come and go and they are never the same, also the ones that pass by can never be seen again. And…. when you look at the ones that are passed, you wonder if you really saw them? Was it the same cloud? Has it changed shape? We feel the same when we look back at the time that has passed by. We feel did it really happen to me? Was that the same incident? Ohh I reacted to it that way then?  So on and so forth.

The mountain and valleys also teach us many things.

  • The road traveller that I am, it taught me that to reach to the top we need to start from the bottom.
  • Landing directly on the hilltop may save time, but the learning and enjoyment of the journey can never be experienced.
  • The journey is equally interesting as the destination.
  • Enjoy the journey to the fullest, it might not be pleasant all the time nevertheless, the charm is the same.
  • There will some blind turns where it is impossible to see what is at the other end. Enjoy the surprise!
  • There may be jerks and the speed might always need adjustment. ADJUST!
  • Although I might be at the top, there is always a valley to fall into if I am not careful.
  • Breaks are enjoyable.

So as usual, I will end the post with some photographs I have clicked. The camera is very basic. But the pictures speak louder than words.

Below are some of the pictures of valleys clicked by me.



Again a 2010 Gem!
Again a 2010 Gem!

PS : Again no editing has been done except watermark.


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