I am surrounded by January borns at my work place. 3 of us sit in one cubicle and 2 of them are January born, remaining one being me :P(I am an August born:-) ). One of my colleague and friend who joined on the same day in the current organization is also a January born. I share a bond with her and sometimes she completes my sentence and I complete her’s. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop her from behaving a typical January born. So this post is dedicated to my 2 colleagues and friends R & S, who are insufferable at times(they are going to kill me after reading this sentence, you know who to doubt if I am no more after the post is published) but I still like them a lot nevertheless. I have given them a name – “The Loving Insufferables!”

Made by me myself!
Made by me myself!

This opinion about January borns is completely mine and mine alone and may not have any resemblance to characteristics mentioned by renowned authors and astrologers. So here are few things that I have observed about them in no particular order:

  1. These are people with very very strong opinion(right or wrong!)
  2. They are usually charming and will not fail to charm you under all circumstances.
  3. They can and will argue for something (they believe or don’t believe) till eternity.
  4. At some point in the argument if they realise that their point is not valid they are clever enough to change the topic without you noticing it.
  5. They turn the tides on you any time they wish to. (This is something to lookout for, learned it eventually).
  6. Making fun of others is their favourite pass time of all times!
  7. They are very sincere when it comes to work.
  8. They are insufferable most of the at times.
  9. They never ever accept their mistakes and their apologies are always conditional.
  10. They love with all their might when they do.
  11. Caring for people around comes naturally to them.
  12. They just cannot stop talking and will never let the other person to speak(very annoying). They cut short sentences of other people when in a discussion (humph!!!).
  13. They become very loud when they are excited, provoked and especially when they are making fun of others. 😛
  14. They are forward looking people and sometimes tend to forget some things that went wrong in the past.
  15. They always give straight, no-nonsense and to the point advice. Although they may not always practice what they preach given the same situation.
  16. And last but not the least…. They are very good friends. You can pour your inner most feelings and trust them to keep it safe.

All in all, they are likable!

I will take the opportunity to thank “S” my colleague and my neighbour, mentioned above, from bottom of my heart. With all the differences of our nature, we have been neighbours for 1 and ½ years and he has been and will be a friend, philosopher and guide always(He is going to smirk at this for the longest time!!). We have had our shares of fights(never related to work), went on a no-talking basis for days sometimes and giggled like college students on anything under the sun. I have shared some of my deepest feeling with him and have faced one of the most difficult situations in my life with him around. He has been an epitome of support all thru. If nothing else, my job has earned me a friend for life. Thank you “S”! (And do not refer to this paragraph for the entire of my remaining life!!!**Mocking Face** )

Every law has an exception, and so I also know of January borns who are silent, who are exact opposite of all the 16 points mentioned above. Do let me know if you have such loving insufferables in your life too! 🙂



  1. Rashmi January 12, 2015 / 3:50 am

    Why should anyone take offence at what u have written…from what it looks like they appear to be exceptionally smart ppl 😉
    That said…you can rest assured that u are gonna be prodded for the rest of the jan and asked to support each of the above points with references from past…

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