TRAVELLING – One of my many first and true loves…

Since my blog is new, I will take the opportunity to boast about myself a bit :P. So this is about one of my many first and true loves(there are 3 or 4) – TRAVELLING. I am based in Mumbai and travel by local trains : ( and metro : ) to my work place. Just for clarification, this does not count as travelling and has no resemblance to travelling whatsoever. It’s a punishment of a sort which we receive at the beginning and end of the day. In the beginning as a toll for the 9 hours of comfort, read air-conditioner, a chair, a laptop and a coffee machine at disposal. And at the end for the reason that we have enjoyed the aforementioned luxuries for full 9 hours.

Actually more than holiday, its the travelling that I look forward to. My family and group of friends are one bunch of crazy people who love to travel by road. We all prefer to take to the road than take a flight(ohh so upperclass) or the train(we the Indians) J. The road trips are always ex-Mumbai and the destinations might vary. Some of the road trips that I have undertaken are as

  • Mumbai-Indore-Dehradun-Nainital-Jaipur-Mumbai
  • Mumbai-Jaipur-Amritsar-Jammu-Srinagar-Mumbai
  • Mumbai-Indore-Rishikesh-Manali-Leh/Ladakh-Amarnath-Srinagar-Amritsar-Jaipur-Mumbai(7500 – 17 days the longest so far)
  • Mumbai-Cochin(by train for a change)-Munnar-Trivandrum-Kanyakumari-Madurai-Mumbai(by train as a result)
  • Mumbai- Goa-Mangalore-Cochin-Trivandrum-Kanyakumari-Madurai-Ooty-Mumbai

Phewww…. These are some of the examples, chota-mota road trips are not counted. The vehicle and the driver mostly remains the same. We do not take any high end SUV the vehicle is “Cruiser” one manufactured by Force Motors. Its a sturdy vehicle and can accommodate lot of people and things, although we generally have around 6-8 people in the car. The driver is  a man-of-steel who can drive say minimum 500 kms non-stop for as many days as required. Yes you heard it right. The longest we have travelled non-stop(including lunch/dinner tea break) is 750 kms.

Let us now see what my definition of “first and true love” is.  For reference purpose we will say we are taking about a trip and below are some of the things that happen to me when…..

  • Talking about the trip fills my heart with excitement.
  • Thinking about it automatically leaves a smile on my face or better even makes me blush.
  • I am always ready for the trip long or short.
  • The excitement and anxiety of the trip gives me sleepless nights.
  • The longer the trip the more I am in love with it.
  • The end of it fills me with sadness which is replaced by happiness only when another trip is planned.
  • When hearing of the places I am going to travel sometimes makes me go weak in the knees, literally.
  • No number of road trips can ever be too much.
  • Although car is more comfortable, bike rides give me thrills that none can.
  • Getting ready for the trip is even more exciting, although I can pack my bag in flat 15 minutes in case of a short notice(Yes, I can do that!! 😀 )
  • I can talk about the oncoming road trips, the ones that happened and the ones that can happen endlessly.
  • The memories of them all make me smile grin from ear to ear.
  • Good and bad days are welcome with equal zest.
  • Extreme conditions while travelling are taken as test and the thirst to pass with flying colour is insatiable.

The list is endless….

Road trips are not necessarily as pleasant and exciting as shown in movies. They bring out the best and worst in people especially in adverse conditions. 6 people in a vehicle for say 10 days, day and night can be as entertaining and as irritating as Big Boss (no exaggeration). We have had the best and worst experiences on some of the days in above mentioned road trips. Most of the above trips have been all ladies trips, the age group ranging from 28 to 55 and there have always been mixed feelings each time. One person can be most co-operative in one trip and behave exactly opposite in the next. The weather conditions can also test you at times. While travelling north, the weather changes are extreme every 100-150 kilometres. It may be extremely hot in Uttar Pradesh and extremely cold in Uttarakhand, so basically you can go from 350 to 150 in say 4 hours time. But it is all good fun, the body might take a bit of time to respond, but then eventually we get used to it.

I plan to write on each one of the trip in the posts to come but that may take lot of time and effort since I have forgot to maintain the log of the trips. How I wish I should have maintained a journal. Nevertheless I so have the photographs and will try to write it on that basis. I can go on and on about it but I will conclude the post with a picture which I clicked on the way to Leh (Ladakh) from Manali, it felt like I had reached heaven, no exaggeration honestly. It was extremely beautiful and even after 6 months of the trip the memory is intact and I wonder if I will be able to see anything like this again.

Manali-Leh Highway
Heaven on Earth!

PS: I have not done any editing to the picture except the watermark.


7 thoughts on “TRAVELLING – One of my many first and true loves…

  1. Rashmi January 9, 2015 / 5:30 am

    Very nicely written…road trips are always awesome…where the journey is the destination…

  2. Prasad Dhole January 12, 2015 / 7:04 am


    It is so.. Nice to see you, blogging and sharing your experiences.

    You have started with a great.. Zeal.and can be understand from the wiriting style.

    Just one thing to included is.. While finishing the blog, mention..the topics which will be written in you next blog, its not a compulsion, but it keeps readers on the toes all the time….

    Nicley done,njoy blogging and keep sharing your experiences.Cheers..:D

    • Bhagyashree Dhoble January 12, 2015 / 8:36 am

      Hey Prasad…

      Thanks so much for the encouragement. Actually this blog is more of an instinct than planning… Just to mention one of the coming posts is on the instinct thing.

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