Damsel Always in Distress..

Hello people! This is my first post and I plan to write in on a topic that is touching(read irritating) me a lot these days. As the subject suggests it is about some damsels which are always in distress.  I do not intend to point at girls particularly, but the subject line just sprang up like a mushroom in my mind.

So according to Wikipedia, “The damsel in distress or persecuted maiden is a classic theme in world literature, art, film and video games. She is usually a beautiful young woman placed in a dire predicament by a villain or monster and who requires a hero to achieve her rescue.”Damsel_In_Distress

Blame it on the upbringing by my extremely disciplined maternal grandmother, I have been raised as a fiercely independent human being. According to my grandmother, here forth referred as “Ajji”(Marathi word for grandmother), we should do our own work. Delegations or even help from others should not be expected and neither be taken. Yes, that it how it was. Same goes with my mother, who has been and still is a Tiger Mom. Actually for both of them, immediately expecting or asking for help is a sign of weakness and the same is imbibed in me. Not that I do not ask for help, but I generally try and do things myself. I was made to travel alone by public transport since I was 15. That too not on regular routes but where I had to fend for myself. Going to enquiry counters, asking for directions when lost, calling hotels for room rates and any other thing, you name it and I can do it. Not that it is a great thing, but off late I have seen people who do not wish to do it. “I have never done it, someone does for me”.  I mean really….

This irritates me to no end. Constantly depending on someone else for everything is not cool really. We all need help and directions at some point of time but for anything and everything, so not cool.  Such category of people are like creepers which need a plant to cling on and grow. The plant may or may not be happy with the creepers but they have no option. Also I wonder if their defensive streak and if there is anything at all they can do themselves.

Not that I have not meet girls who are do-it-alls, but the number of the prior category are more and increasing in number. This concerns me a lot for various reasons. First and foremost, in absence of their nourishing plant the do-it-alls(like me) are the ones they look upto. Not that it is a problem but it irritates a lot to constantly do things for others. They might need the thing equally but they will not take efforts whatsoever and are constantly on a lookout for some who will do it for them.

My second concern with this category of people is that what will they do in case they are in a difficult situation. What will they do if they are stuck somewhere and there are no mobile phones or no plants to creep on? Questions are many but I do not have answers for this. May be they find a plant somewhere to survive.

Well, I will just wind up by saying that we all need so face problems head on. Constantly looking out for someone to do something for you is not cool/OK/cute always. Do things yourselves, you never know what life may bring to you. be ready for things and situations and most important be independent. Making a puppy face once in a while is ok…



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